Accurate Technologies for
Public & Private Sectors.

NTP International with its accurate technologies skills is able to accompany public and private sectors in theirs projets to audit, control, engineer, improve and develop their services and infrastructures.

Technologies & Sectors:



Optical Fiber Backbones, FTTH Networks, Satellite Services, Mobile Network, WiFi/WiMax, Telecom Sites & Data Centers
Solutions & Datas

Solutions & Datas

E-Gov, Smart City, GIS, Geospatial Imaging & Solutions
Values Added Services

Values Added Services

M2M & IoT Services and Networks for Connected Objects



Civil and Real Estate construction, Water facilities


Hybrid, Solar, Autonomous Systems (Security, Lighting, Telecom)

Skills & Activities

  • Audits: Technical, Financial and Quality
  • Consulting and Staff Delegation
  • Supervisory and Control Mission
  • Specifications and Project Economics
  • Commissioning of Technical Equipments,
  • Project and Contract Management
  • Quantity and Quality Surveyor Fulfillment
  • Scheduling, Leading and Coordinating
  • Technical Design for Infrastructures
  • Technical Design for Databases and GIS
  • PPP Partner for Infrastructures Operation and Maintenance


Global provider of Engineering and Geospatial Software
Global provider of Engineering and Geospatial Software
Navigation,Traffic and Map products, GPS Sport Watches and Fleet Management Solutions.
Embedded Navigation and Location-based services


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NTP International Group

The specialised subsidiaries associated to the NTP International group allow also to offer turn key solutions for complex projects.



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  • Niamey - Niger

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  • Kinshasa - Congo

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