The specialised subsidiaries associated to the NTP International group allow also to offer turn key solutions for complex projects.

SIGFLY acts within SIGFOX environment as services provider and SNO (Server Network Operator), long range low bandwidth technology for IoT. SIGFLY ensures the development, integration, management, marketing and distribution of global M2M & IoT platforms.
SIGFLY activities includes transactional, location-based services, controlling and managing all types of connected equipments, objects and everything using all types of media or communication networks, including SIGFOX technology.

INTELLIUM traines your management, technical and administrative staff for management skills, personal development, regulation, business development and technical state of the art and prospectives in the fields of Telecommunications, IT environment, Added Value Services, Geographical Information Services Softwares and Solutions, Renewable Energies.
INTELLIUM transmit to your staff the key know hows of NTP International Group.

The development of solutions related to the secure ID Onlymee patented technology based on SIGFLY for secure access and all types of transactions, electronic or physical, associated with certain identification of users via their biometrics. This technology allows the realization of B2C or B2B solutions, but also governmental or military.